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Company Profile

Japan Cultural Heritage Consultancy

2-5-5, Hitotsubashi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo@101-0003

TEL 03.5276.8200@@FAX 03.5276. 8201

Mission Statement

The term gcultural propertiesh has come to have diverse meanings. Not only academic and educational circles but also various interest groups are discussing how to revitalize and activate our historic and cultural assets in our everyday lives. It is, therefore, important that conservation specialists take the initiative to seriously broaden our perspectives on conservation.

Japanese technology for conservation has a high standard thanks to our predecessors. Based on such tradition, Japan Cultural Heritage Consultancy provides high-quality services through development of many disciplines concerned with our historic and cultural resources to realize projects regarding restoration, re-development, planning, management and operations.

Our firm was established as an organization consisted of multidisciplinary team of professionals. Together, we evaluate and incorporate new and traditional technologies and knowledge to serve the challenging needs of historic cultural resource management nationally and internationally.

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