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Note from the President

Kazuyuki Yano, CEO (left)[Uzbekistan]

Kazuyuki Yano, CEO (left)

The word gcultural propertyh has come to embrace a much broader meaning in recent years and is often used interchangeably with terms such as cultural heritage and cultural asset.

Accordingly, creative planning ability plays a stronger role in physical conservation of cultural heritage while retaining and enhancing its intrinsic value. In some cases, creating additional functions or new uses becomes necessary for historic properties to be active in the present society. I believe that the source of such creativity lies in a solid ability to see the true value of historical and cultural assets, up-to-date technical ability and precision, and innovative planning and design ability.

Our team is proud to engage in bringing back the beauty of our cultural heritage that has been faded over a long period of time; finding creative solutions to add values furthermore; or eliciting the values that are otherwise hidden beneath mundane historic or cultural landscape. Manifestation of values in tangible form facilitates cultural properties of such values be cared by many and for a long time. It will then draw forth unique local/regional identity; will promote cultural tourism and traditional industry; and eventually will become the vital core for successful revitalization of regional society.

Where the layers of history accumulate, city and town planning must be drawn up based on its local and regional history. It may be the norm for historic cities in Europe, but not yet so still in Japan.@Scrap and build historic assets just to solve imminent individual problems at that time have been common scenery wherever you go in Japan. We need to realize there is a sizable gap between the research activities and planning in action. I have long been advocating the need to promote a profession to bridge such gap.

Japan Cultural Heritage Consultancy was founded under such philosophy over thirty years ago. We are confident in making positive interventions for the conservation of cultural heritages. We are committed to continue working together with people, making the best use of our professional abilities for conservation in order to make positive contributions to the society world wide.


Kazuyuki Yano, CEO

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